Allotment Information


The Parish Council have three sites of allotments, Sharpness, Brookend and Purton.

There is currently a waiting list for these sites.   If you are interested in renting an allotment, please contact the allotment officer on or the Parish Clerk on 

Myth buster

There are a lot of rumours' circulating regarding the allotments.

HPC are NOT culling chickens or any other livestock, we are not monsters!!

Yes you can walk your dog along  the Public Right of Way ( top of BE allotments)

 No, the gate Brookend will not be locked as this is not in our boundary.

Yes you can have a compost heap 

Review of other gates & Bonfires will be in April.

Yes, there is a new agreement that will be issued shortly to tenants, no major changes, just more meat on the bones of the previous one. 

We have to treat all tenants on each site the same.

Please remember, the Council makes decisions as a WHOLE, no one individual has the power to act alone, and the CLERK does not make decisions.

Remember please do not bully, or intimate any member of STAFF or COUNCIL.

Stroud District Council DO NOT own the allotments, we are tenants. 

To view the new agreement please click here - in a day or so, updating the data protection statement.