Recycling Thornbury

Published: 08 February 2016

You may be aware of the fact that there has been an issue for some time relating to the restriction on the use of Thornbury waste recycling centre by Stroud District residents. Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) have, to date, been unable to encourage the lifting of the restriction.

Mindful of the strength of feeling amongst residents in the lower part of the district, the county council wish to assess the potential need to access the facility in the future. It was therefore decided to contact households by post within the following areas to get feedback:-

  • Hinton
  • Hamfallow
  • Berkeley
  • Ham and Stone
  • Alkington

The feedback sought is restricted to these parishes as the distance from other parishes to Horsley recycling centre is more favourable.

I am sure when GCC have made an assessment of the feedback they receive, they will inform parish council’s of potential su